The GC-60 motorway is the most major route running through the municipality of the Town of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. It runs from south to north, covering half of the entire municipality.

All of the natural and ethno-historical treasures in the ravine that we will be covering have validated its declaration as the Protected Landscape of Fataga and its inclusion in the Network of Protected Natural Spaces on the Canary Islands.

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The second section passes through the inside of the Caldera de Tirajana, an enormous crater with a circumference of over 40km.

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Mirador de la Degollada de las Yeguas: from this viewing point you can observe one of the most beautiful panoramic views of this great ravine, from the sea to the top of the mountain, thanks to its viewing angle of over 190º pointing towards the west.

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A visit to the pre-Hispanic Arteara Necropolis is recommended to discover the ancient Canarians’ way of life and death; it is one of the most important archaeological sites on the island.

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Fataga Hamlet. Crops, orchards and traditional buildings surround this picturesque hamlet, which is well worth a stop to pay a visit. You may be surprised to find camels and camel riders on your trip, which today serve more as a tourist activity rather than for the traditional agricultural work that they carried out in the past.

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The administrative capital of the municipality, San Bartolomé, is based in the pre-Hispanic settlement named Tunte.

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Its privileged position right in the centre of the Caldera de Tirajana has made it a major intersection linking communications between the north and the south of Gran Canaria throughout history.

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In the town centre, there is a mixture of architectural styles, from pre-Hispanic houses to modern public buildings.

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The Town Hall is amalgamated with traditional buildings and religious buildings such as the Church of San Bartolomé.

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The natural surroundings of the hamlet of Ayacata is a must-see place to stop to finish your trip through the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. If you would like to keep going, we recommend that you go up to the highest point on the island – el Pico de las Nieves – and the Cruz de Tejeda.