The town of San Bartolomé de Tirajana has a range of recreational activities on offer to suit all people of all ages, in all conditions and with all tastes.

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During the day you can visit amusement parks, water parks, theme parks, shopping centres and practise all kinds of sport.


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Entertainment and activities are guaranteed for all ages.


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When the sun sets in Maspalomas, the show begins for those who love night life.


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Pubs and discos open up, along with bustling bars playing dance music, filling the night with sensual tropical beats or modern tunes for those who love night life.


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At the same time, restaurants and terraces fill up with people ready to enjoy some entertainment or relaxation.


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The tourist area has infinite shopping centres where you can find top international brands.


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In addition to the range of gastronomy and fashion, there are those who prefer to opt for shops with hand crafted products, the biggest of which being the “Centro de Artesanía de la FEDAC” (FEDAC Crafts Centre) at Playa del Inglés.