Senderismo - 2

San Bartolomé de Tirajana is a paradise that just keeps on surprising.

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At the end of every trail, you won’t just have that rewarding worn-out feeling, but your eyes will also have a spectacular view of the landscape, the smell of the countryside will be on your clothes and the dust of the trails covering your boots, making the experience unforgettable.


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The majority of the trails and forest paths in the municipality run through Nature Reserves classified as protected areas due to their great beauty or exceptional panoramic views and geological or ethnographic value.


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These trails form part of a dense network of pathways covering thousands of kilometres, running through a landscape with a relief that is almost always rugged, as well as a huge variety of ecosystems.


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There is no room for monotony, as the trails surprise hikers at every corner with changing panoramic views that are astonishing.