Travelling round the municipality through roads and pathways allows you to discover the region’s history, way of life and culture of its people, who are scattered around in natural, rural areas.

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The urban areas, hamlets and archaeological sites contain the majority of the area’s historical, artistic, ethnographic and archaeological heritage, which you can discover and enjoy by visiting or joining themed tours.

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The pre-Hispanic world is, without a doubt, one of the main cultural attractions, being extremely rich in relics from this era.

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The legacy of the Neolithic culture in San Bartolomé de Tirajana can be discovered within the network of archaeological sites that can be visited.

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Historical and artistic heritage is kept in civil and religious buildings which house pictorial works, art, sculptures etc ...

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These small villages, filled with expressions of local popular culture, tell us of their traditions, their art, their festivals and the simplicity of their people.

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Their colourful local festivals provide the best demonstration of popular culture: celebrations which praise the village’s customs and Canarian identity.

Demonstrations of local products filled with character in the skilled hands of local craftsmen and women who create true works of art.

The municipality of Tirajana is blessed with a remarkable cultural heritage, highlights of which include “calado” embroidery, “traperas” blankets or the majestic Canarian knife.