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Over the last 6 years, tourist activity in the municipality of the Town of San Bartolomé de Tirajana has resulted in some development and transformation in the local government, which has become interested in encouraging works and reforms in public spaces in the tourist area of Maspalomas Costa Canaria.

The recent celebration of 50 years of tourist activity in the municipality around the Maspalomas Costa Canaria brand has acted as a point of historical reference, as well as a recognition of the trajectory, management, economy, sustainability, promotion and values within the municipality of the Town of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

After a thoughtful management process in relaunching the municipal tourist brand, and in order to keep up to date with new forms of tourist publicity and promotion, the new brand logo for Maspalomas Costa Canaria aims to express the modernity of the municipality and its tourist activity.

THE RATIONALE: Corporate identity is not something static and permanent. The new trade mark will drive the updating and modernisation of tourism promotion in the municipality under the brand Maspalomas Costa Canaria, with a development strategy geared towards stabilising the destination within the reality of the tourism market, aimed at audiences from the local area and beyond. Redefining the corporate identity of the municipality, targeting local and online communities and social networks, and driving the expansion of new business lines, as well as generating business throughout the tourist sector, focusing on modernity. All of this will be under an identity that is adapted to modern times and new technology, designed to boost the image of this destination, whatever the graphic application may be.

CONCEPT: The concept is heavily charged with the identity of the region: the place name, the name of the tourist city Maspalomas +palo+, has a double meaning within its own name: Maspalomas, on the one hand, refers to the name of the brand, and on the other hand, contains a Spanish expression which means ‘as much as possible’ or ‘to the max’, allowing you to make the most of the municipality's diverse qualities It is also a clear, direct concept that is easy to translate into other languages: ¡Lo más! = To the max!


Request for digital material